This rain is such a nuisance…

"This rain is such a nuisance..."

“This rain is such a nuisance…”

We’re just a little bit wet here in the UK this winter! With the recent flooding causing havoc and distress, I thought I’d lighten things up and share with you a poem my Grandmother wrote, reflecting on the days of Noah and the flood. At least things are not THAT bad here… 🙂

[NOTE: this poem may not be suitable for children due to references to the sexual immorality which was prevalent at this time in history.]


Après moi

Let me tell you of my neighbour –

He is such a funny man.

He doesn’t fit in.

For ever since I can remember

He’s been working on that crazy boat of his.

And he never comes to local celebrations –

He calls them sin.

He’s cold and dead and thoroughly a bore.

Why, only last month when we had a riot

– the Nephilim had come –

You do remember, don’t you? – Those little virgins –

We made them dance and then dismembered them.

Hilarious fun!

Why, that old fool! He didn’t have the sense

Even to lock himself up in his house,

To stand aside.

My dear, he tried to interfere, harangued us

Mouthing of God – and oh, my dear, the biggest laugh of all –

He cried!

And have you heard? He keeps predicting floods

He says we’ll drown!

Here we are, six days’ journey from the sea!

And although it’s getting wet down here

– This rain is such a nuisance – up the hill

It’s fairly dry, in town.

Just look at that monstrous structure!

It’s taller than the temples

And longer than the creek.

He’s closed the door now, locked his family in.

And my dear, they say he has a zoo –

We saw some creatures going two by two

Into the boat last week.

– But about that feast that we had planned for you –

An indoor orgy’s all we’ll get together

In this inclement weather…


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