10 things I’ve learned as a mother

In no particular order, here are ten of the many, many things I’ve learned in the nearly six (!) years I have been a mother:

Fun on a ‘train’ in the local park!

  1. You love your kids in a way that cannot be described or imagined until you experience it.
  2. It’s easy to let each day slip by without thinking, but a better way is to pray and parent ‘intentionally’ – thinking about who are you shaping your kids to be, and how your guidance now will affect both them and others in the long term.
  3. One-on-one time set aside to talk to and focus your attention on each child individually is so important, and can provide some really insightful feedback from your child’s perspective on how you can improve as a parent.
  4. It is essential to MAKE regular alone time for you and God. Even if it’s just reading a few quick Scriptures on Bible Gateway or following a short daily plan on YouVersion, regular spiritual food is necessary for you, and makes you a better parent too.
  5. Boys and girls are naturally very different!
  6. While it may take three times as long, it’s also usually three times as special to do everyday tasks WITH your kids rather than on your own – and they really love to help!
  7. Talk to your kids with respect and love, and never belittle them (e.g. don’t laugh it off when they are embarrassed in company).
  8. Don’t assume kids understand simple things. What is simple to an adult is not as obvious to a child, so take time to show grace and explain things to them.
  9. Be a playmate as well as a parent. When it’s possible, drop what you are doing if they ask you to play, instead of saying “in a minute”, “not now” or “later”.
  10. Let your kids see your relationship with God. Let them hear you praying, let them see you reading Scripture, them watch you worship – so long as you are not doing it for show, but as a genuine expression of your faith.

What have you learnt as a parent?



  1. March 26, 2012 at 2:31 pm

    […] I forget that everything I do and say is shaping their characters, for better or for worse.  In an earlier post I mentioned intentional parenting.  This is not a phrase I have read about, but something I use […]

  2. Tobe said,

    March 27, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    These are great! Thanks 🙂

    Among the things I have learned are that children need you to come alongside them – even when you need to discipline them, they need to know you are on their side and that is why you are disciplining them.

    They also need regular reminders about God’s grace (don’t we all?!) as otherwise they become discouraged during their ‘training up’.

    I have caught myself sometimes thinking of bringing up my children as a “project” I am responsible for to God – this approach can lead to impossible expectations as you try to make them perfect to meet your “targets” – once again this leads to discouragement. I try to replace this thinking by reminding myself they are a person whom God, my husband & I love with all our hearts – they have strengths & weaknesses, just like me and their hearts will be transformed by their interactions with God, just like mine needs to be. This helps me redirect my energies to appealing to God for help in parenting, rather than relying solely on own abilities.

    Looking forward to other people’s thoughts too 🙂

  3. DeneM said,

    March 28, 2012 at 8:06 am

    Thanks for adding your thoughts, Tobe. I agree with your points, especially the one about letting them know you are on their side during discipline. 🙂

  4. March 5, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    […] Random things I’ve learnt as a mom-of-two:  10 things I’ve learned as a mother […]

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