Blogiversary: a little reminiscing

Wordpress kindly shows me where all my readers have come from over the past two years.

WordPress kindly shows me where all my readers have come from over the past two years.

This month marks my second anniversary of blogging here at Writing on the Doorposts. Over these 24 months I’ve been so blessed to be able to share what’s on my heart with people worldwide – from here in the UK to Zimbabwe, Canada, Nepal and more! I want to thank my ‘followers’ and those who have ‘shared’ my blog for their support. I also want to thank those who have written comments, for their encouragement, helpful suggestions and ideas.

Today I want to share with you some of the old posts which have been enjoyed by readers over my short blogging life. If you’re a new reader I hope you also enjoy them. If you’ve read them before feel free to yawn and pass them over! In any case I pray you will be blessed today by the awesome God of all the earth.

Now without further ado, ten popular past posts (yes, I’m feeling a little poetic today 😉

  • Random things I’ve learnt as a mom-of-two:  10 things I’ve learned as a mother
  • A summary of the main reasons our family has chosen home education:  Why we homeschool
  • How we eat a veggie-focused diet on a small income: Five a day: part two, on a budget
  • Why and how I prioritise being a stay-at-home mother: The beauty of homemaking
    note: I am no longer doing Usborne as I found it did not generate a proper income.  However, we are still blessed by God to be able to manage very well on one salary – something I thank God for daily.]
  • A look at 1 Corinthians 4:5-7, and my mother’s yummy cooking: Seasoned with salt – lessons from my Mom’s roast dinners
  • We can always find the blessings of parenthood if we try: Taking joy
  • A reminder that parenthood is about placing our children before ourselves:  Selfless mothering
  • Ideas to incorporate prayer into family life:  Ten ways to pray with your children
    [note: in the 1 1/2 years that has passed since I wrote this post, my children’s prayer life has grown beyond what I had ever dreamed it could. I am continually humbled and blessed to hear how they pray from their hearts, and focus on things of eternal importance. Praise God!]
  • A look at what we can learn from Gary Chapman’s ‘love languages’: Speaking of love
  • Encouragement that we all get it wrong, but we have grace and we can persevere:  Pressing on

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